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What Our Clients Say

“Consultative Sales Academy’s Custom Training program has significantly helped our team improve their performance.  We’re finally back to pre-recession sales results and momentum.  Because of the success and positive feedback from both seasoned professionals as well as new sales team members, we are implementing this program company-wide for sales team members, sales managers and operational managers.  Our team is geographically dispersed, which makes CSA’s blended approach of e-learning, web training and coaching very desirable.  We especially appreciate the flexibility of the program and the personal attention that CSA’s coaches provide to each individual participant.  This program is a long-term commitment that is definitely worth the time and investment if your goals are to truly impact sales performance and results. I highly recommend this program.”Jamie Fletcher, CEO, MACH 1 GLOBAL


I used to think that the word “sales” was a dirty word. I am a VP in a transportation company – it’s about moving freight and finding loads.  Now I think differently about what sales means. I have seen what consultative business development does to relationships and both my business & my clients’ business!”S. M., V.P., TRANSPORT NATIONAL


It’s the rare sales consultant who combines the best of all. Monika D’Agostino is that rarity: not just a successful sales consultant, but a sales SCIENTIST who makes those around her and the companies for whom they work smarter, better and more successful – Mark Weiner, CEO, Prime Reserach


“The last 7 months were such an incredible opportunity to grow in an area that I feel is so important to be successful – new sales approaches.  I am honored to provide a testimonial!  I want to thank you all for the great sales training program!!  I learned so much about how to recognize the behavioral styles of my clients and prospects.  This has helped me better adjust my approach throughout the sales process.  During the course of our training program, I improved my sales and business development consistently.  By the year’s end I was awarded “Most Improved Sales Performance” for 2012!”M.W., VP Global Accounts, MACH 1 GLOBAL


Monika’s strengths rest on her ability to map a specific process to managing lead gen. She has built this process over years of experience and has it nailed down. She has an uncanny ability to make a complex conceptual sale into a clear value proposition to prospects. She is determined, consistent, and unflappable. – Eric Israel, VP Sales Enterprise Software


This program has made me evaluate my service skills, and today I have been very conscious of how I talk with customers especially on the phone.  I think the program is really beneficial.  I used to be afraid to make recommendations and referrals to customers but I find them coming naturally as I am aware of more opportunities.  Knowledge of other areas within our firm has helped me gain confidence to make referrals.  I have exceeded my referral goals three months in a row now!  Thank you!”J. B., NORTH SHORE FINANCIAL


…most comprehensive training programs available. Their training materials are detailed for the instructor and make learning fun for the participant. Most importantly, I have seen results both in attitude and business development performance.” D.M., HYDRITE CHEMICAL CO.


I learned so much about how to better understand my clients and know how to better adjust my approach to clients and prospects. I can now dig deeper, ask better questions and using my improved communication and negotiation skills really grow my business. Everything I have learned in our CSC Program is making my job easier and more interesting, and I am more successful than before the program.  I am a huge fan of CSC!” – V.B., Regional Sales Manager, Logistics Company


This program has really increased my sales.  I look at people in a different way.  Once I have figured out how people think, it is easy to sell to them.  I use this everyday in my selling.  Since training, I have closed several sales that I probably would not have if I didn’t have it.  Also, I have implemented more effective ways of prospecting and I look at the total account relationship because of the profiling skills that I learned.” T. B., WAREHOUSE SPECIALISTS


The freight forwarding industry is very competitive.  This program has helped me think differently about the opportunities that I encounter every day. I have been able to expand relationships to build trust and more sales.  I understand freight and this program took me to the next level.  I am looking at clients more from their perspective and finding opportunities that I never knew existed.  Thank you!” – M. T., LEMAN, USA


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