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Development of a Successful Inside Sales Team

Your inside sales team are the ambassadors for your organization. They are the first impression a prospect has of your company, so their professional demeanor is key to building trust.

Inside sales professionals need to be part of and partake in the process of developing a successful sales model. Our first step in the Consultative Sales Academy Approach is to assess your current team structure and effectiveness. Each company’s situation and challenges are different and so we will work on building a model that fits your unique DNA. Some of the most important key tenets to building a successful team are Respect, Knowledge and Mindful Training.

We have often found that far too many sales teams are in the trenches, dialing for dollars and struggling when dealing with excessive rejection. In addition too many companies hand their inside sales team a script and then they let them loose to their own accord. Sales people trained heavily on product features, rather than the soft skills which are essential to building human rapport, fail to connect with their prospective clients. Frustration and demotivation are often the results.

We will design a hands-on, participant-oriented re-training program incorporating your organization’s core principles. Our programs and consulting will introduce, highlight and systemize a modern use of courtesy, respect and Active Listening. Your sales team will gain the insights and practice to making their prospects and clients feel heard and understood rather than rattling off service features which may or may not be relevant to their prospects needs.

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