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Executive Coaching Unplugged

Monika D’Agostino: Providing Clarity, Focus & Support


Monika’s approach to coaching utilizes a co-creative process in which YOU, the Client are the central focus of our work. This means that we are equals and both have an active role. Our Coaching is designed to provide a platform for already successful professionals to identify challenges and develop new solutions to existing or new obstacles. Together we will create more power for you to effect meaningful change and take dynamic actions towards your goals.

It gets lonely at the top. We all need sounding boards and platforms to review our status quo, identify gaps and think about changes and shifts in our behavior.


Our Coaching is created for executives driven by success. It’s an unfettered approach to identify challenges and create an action plan. My clients all have one thing in common. You are high achievers and motivated to be successful. You understand that something is not working well, and you are open to reviewing and revealing your situation. You are also not afraid of change.

Why Coaching?

Because it’s important to understand why things are not working. We are human and as human beings we have a difficult time – no matter how intelligent or analytical we are – to always be able to identify our own obstacles. My role is to provide you with an outside view, a mirror that will help you as an individual and your company or organization move beyond your status quo.

Steps & Results

Below are the steps to get the results you are looking for:

  1. Identify challenges
  2. Discover obstacles
  3. Recognize thought patterns
  4. Remove the doubt
  5. Prioritize
  6. Clear the path forward
  7. Create action plan

Executive Coaching Packages

We offer three Coaching Packages so you can choose how quickly you want to move forward.

Executive Coaching On Steroids

Coaching On Steroids is a fast-tracked design to very quickly and intensively get You to results. We will assess your needs, analyze obstacles and develop an action plan in short notice. This Package is best suited for you when you need to get results and move forward very rapidly.

This Package includes 10 sessions per month with unlimited access to e-mail contact and guidance through creating and implementing your action plan.

You will receive 2 sessions (50 minutes each) per week plus one double session (100 minutes) per month to get you up to speed very quickly.

Executive Coaching Accelerated

Coaching Accelerated is designed to get to results quickly, but for the client to develop their own action plan at their own pace.

This Package includes 8 sessions per month with unlimited access to e-mail contact and guidance on how to develop your action plan.

You will receive 2 sessions (50 minutes each) per week.

Executive Coaching Safeguarding

Coaching Safeguarding is designed to keep You, the client on track. We will review your progress, analyze any new challenges and adjust the course if necessary.

This Package includes 4 sessions over the course of a month unlimited access to e-mail contact.

Planning the session is flexible and you can receive one session (50 minutes each) per week or multiple sessions in one week.