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When it comes to success and sales, mindset it more powerful than strategy

Posted on: February 8th, 2012 by Monika No Comments

Mindset is more powerful than strategy

Mindset is really important when it comes to being successful in business, growing your business and crucial when it comes to selling.

Most business savvy people would argue that a sound strategy is the key to success and a number of years ago (or maybe over a decade ago) I would have agreed with that statement. In the meantime, I have coached many executives on business growth and every single time mindset came to play a major role.

Why is that?

Because no matter how successful we are, whether we are a CEO, a celebrity, a sales manager or a janitor we carry our past with us. Even the most self confident people have wounds from their childhood and if anybody in our youth touched a core in us that hurt so deeply that we still remember it today, it will affect what we do as adults.

When we were hurt, we turn into children

Whenever I work with clients who have fear of presenting, selling or public speaking (a fear that is stronger than the fear of dying) or putting themselves out there in a sales conversation there are the demons that show their ugly heads from our past. A longtime client of mine was ridiculed by her classmates during a book report that she delivered in high school and to add insult to injury her teacher chimed in with the crowd telling her that she would be better off not pursuing a career where she had to publicly speak. Imagine what happened to her? She was humiliated in front of her peers and the opinion was validated by the authority figure in the room. To this day my client has enormous difficulties to present in front of a group. She is an accomplished business woman, an authority in her profession. She writes White Papers on industry issues and is viewed as a professional with extensive experience. But that doesn’t change the view that she has of herself. Whenever she is in front of an audience she turns into the 17 year old girl who anticipates criticism.

Even the most sound strategy would not have helped my client to overcome this fear. It didn’t matter that she knew more than anybody sitting in the room, or that she was viewed as an expert. She still felt insecure and nervous.

How can we overcome the fear and shift our mindset?

By understanding where the fear is coming from. Once my client and I started our coaching journey she remembered the first time when she spoke in front of a group and the fact that she was deeply hurt.  Once we understand where the fear is coming from, we can recognize it, move on and embrace the person that we have become. Now, when my client is faced with a client presentation she takes some time to remember the pain, but also reminds herself that she is no longer that girl and that she has come a long way since. She thinks of all the client successes that she has had, the White Papers that she has written and all the positive developments in her life since that painful incident.

Having a strategy certainly helped, but her determination to overcome and shift the mindset helped her understand why she had blocked her success.

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